DiDi Taxi

DiDi is a leader in the digital transformation of the taxi industry. Integrated big data approach enables continuous improvement in both service and driver's income.

DiDi Express

DiDi Express is the world's largest affordable mobility network providing individual and pooled rides across all income groups.

DiDi Premier

DiDi Premier offers higher-end premier mobility experience with luxury vehicles and drivers trained to the highest service standards.

DiDi Hitch

A carpooling service designed for commuter cost-sharing. It allows registered car owners to accept rides per day along preset routes.

DiDi Chauffeur

DiDi Chauffeur provides designated driving service for commuters, partygoers and business travelers who can now sit back, relax and enjoy a ride free from the hassle of driving.

DiDi Bus

Besides providing real-time public bus schedule services, DiDi Bus helps plug in DiDi's data analytics into the digitization of urban public bus systems.

DiDi Car Rental

DiDi Car Rental provides hassle-free, door-to-door online car rental services, which are now extended to over 175 countries around the world through our global partnerships.

DiDi Enterprise Solutions

DiDi Enterprise Solutions provides corporate clients with flexible, efficient and reliable corporate mobility solutions free from reimbursement and processing pains.

DiDi Minibus

DiDi Minibus helps solve the "last mile" challenge for urban transportation by shuttling commuters in 5- and 7-seaters between transportation hotspots, including public transit terminals.